Liberty and Greatness

A people who still remembered that their ancestors had been the masters of the world would have applauded, with conscious pride, the representation of ancient freedom, if they had not long since been accustomed to prefer the solid assurance of bread to the unsubstantial visions of liberty and greatness. – Edward Gibbons “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”

I wonder if there remains, in some dark corner of the the American spirit, the desire to answer the evanescing call of liberty and greatness? I wonder if the addiction to the comforts of our forefathers’ labors will prevent us from seeing the needs of our time? I wonder if my children will enjoy the same relative freedom I did and my father did.

Privilege must always be balanced by a corresponding level of responsibility. Privilege in excess of responsibility leads to corruption and abuse of power. Responsibility in excess of privilege demands resourcefulness and prepares one for leadership.

I wonder what the future holds. Do you?

5 thoughts on “Liberty and Greatness

  1. Hi Gregg,

    Thanks so much for this, so timely!

    I think we are all at a bit of a loss to try and predict the future at this stage. Liberty is what America was built on, and that solid foundation does seem to be crumbing.

    I do believe in the unwavering power of the human spirit, I trust it will show up soon en masse!

    Thanks again!



  2. David R

    I do indeed. And your comments regarding privilege and responsibility are so relevant. Privilege can be wonderfully helpful in the execution of responsibility, expanding the possibilities and making things easier. However, the pursuit of privilege puts everything back-to-front. If we embrace the opportunities to accept responsibility, learning to do so effectively and without looking over our shoulders for the privileges we think should be associated with that responsibility, we are preparing ourselves to handle privilege rightly.

    One of the greatest ongoing tragedies involves the fact that so few manage to remain uncorrupted by privilege. Getting in the integrity mode here is a good place to start, for anyone!


  3. Coco

    When privilege and responsibly are not balanced we become a nation of enablers and addicts. Both roles are devoid of the pleasure of creation and the satisfaction of fulfilling the individual’s purpose and nourishing the collective purpose. All is eventually squandered when the appreciation for the inheritance is not a consistent concern.


  4. Chuck Reddick

    Yes I do wonder what the future holds. However, I do have a strong belief in the desire of people to have their lives have meaning, and living ones live with Liberty and Greatness is still possible and desired – hopefully probable. That being said, we, at least in the United States, need to get back to work and not rely on others taking care of us. And rather than waiting for others to start living their lives that way, my suggestion (and hopefully example) is to start taking personal responsibility for our own lives. Then, and only then, will Liberty and Greatness again be the norm.


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