6 thoughts on “Seeking Greater Balance

  1. Joy

    Great point to meditate one Gregg, Thanks! It is great to come to a place where we don’t fight change, but yield to the higher force that has things well in control. Yield, not in the sense of a limp doll, but an active yielding that provides some back pressure like the tectonic plates; this dynamic balance is, I think, the means by which creative change can occurs.


  2. Steve V

    Yes it is good to acknowledge that we are all and individually part of the cosmos and that the same forces that influence the earth influence us. In opening up to such a perspective it is good to see how we can be in an open position to flexibly move with it.


  3. Carmen

    With your post this morning, I began to think about myself, and what is changing me. All changes me, or shall I write gives me the opportunity to change. When I can release the weaker tendency to resist changing, to scream no, I don’t want change, I like this the way that it is, becoming basically a child of two, I can receive and perhaps even see the necessity of the change. We all must change, and I believe that we are given small gentle suggestions of modifying our behaviors, but by refusing to acknowledge these, receive then the harder blows.


  4. Lady Leo

    My doctor has remarked that illness is often our body attempting to balance it self. I’m learning it’s less stressful to try to keep it balanced. 🙂


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