Truth: Trust No Agent

Your relationship with truth ought to be a deeply personal and direct one. To accept an agency relationship is to worship in spirit and not in truth. While there may be value in presenting another to the majesty of truth, such introductions are no more or less significant than a first date.

Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent.” – William Shakespeare

6 thoughts on “Truth: Trust No Agent

  1. Love the analogy. I use it often regarding the growing relationship of our clients. We can really miss a lot if we aren’t more curious about what lies underneath. Thank you.


  2. mchoya

    The purpose of any first “date” to my mind would be to see if there are the common attributes that would lead to a further creative relationship, be it business, friendship, romance, etc. There isn’t any need to “introduce” or sell another on the truth. If you are revealing it, it will attract like. But I think often people have a fixed agenda about what they are looking for, what they want to share, what they want to build, that has nothing to do with the actual truth, just an isolated belief system. It just seems so much more interesting, exciting and fulfilling to be a part of the organic potential and connection which the truth would reveal, not what some external source would try to convince us we should be a part of.


  3. Lucy Cera

    I love the Shakespeare quote. It conveys that we are very specifically trusted to act as an agent for the truth on earth, through the faculties granted us.


  4. Lady Leo

    Good analogy! If you saw the comedy “50 First Dates” at first it seems fun, no committment and no depth but soon it becomes irritating and shallow, certainly unsatisfying. We are built to express and experience the truth. Truth becomes visible when people actualize it in their living. We are part of the mechanism not just observers.


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