A Life of Service

Only those live whose lives are dedicated to the service of others. Moreover, in selfless service true self is not sacrificed, but revealed. There is simply no way around this core principle of being. Should you desire fulfillment, joy or the unmistakeable sense of peace which attends a life lived on purpose, you must square your living to this principle.

8 thoughts on “A Life of Service

  1. Joshua

    Right on Gregg!!!
    As we put others true needs first we find our true needs are looked after.
    Squaring more thoroughly to this principle is exciting!


    1. Steve V

      Yes! As others true needs are served by us it gives us the energy needed for our own needs to be filled. In thinking further what another’s true needs actually are I am seeing that it relates to matters of one’s heart relative to their interest and response to to what is true and real. As we help to emphasize what is true in another’s experience whether it be in words or just in our view of a person this is what it means to being of genuine service.


  2. David R

    Many have recognized this principle in a surface way, and have become insufferably ‘good,’ also in a surface way. Someone trying to serve is just, well, trying! On the other hand, genuine service is a natural function of personal radiance.

    It is our nature to enhance, to help, to complement, to bless and to uplift. Trying to don a suit of service is of little value, but letting the inherent radiance of oneself shine forth is an eternally fresh and powerful experience of freedom!


  3. Coco

    Sophocles said “This is man’s highest end, to others’ service, all his powers to bend.” It’s been said for centuries but it means nothing to an individual until it’s experienced. Thanks Gregg, it’s the key to salvation!


  4. Steve V

    Very interesting to consider your words regarding in selfless service true self is not sacrificed. I have been considering this matter of late as it regards the need for self balance required to put one in position to serve others. I am finding the need to reevaluate the thought of what selfless service really is and how it relates to personal self care. Your words about our true self not being sacrificed provides further assistance to clarify the matter. Thank you.


  5. Ricardo B.

    If there is one unanimous principle that has survived through the numerous global tides of civilizations, this is it. This is it. Personally, it is the only thing that keeps my head together where I’ve learned that every single time, without exception, when I’ve become at odds with the world, when I simply apply this little gem of a principle, the air clears, the waters part, and I feel ‘one’ again. One with myself, one with the world. The world is a beautiful place, every bit worth helping, every bit worth giving our every ounce of energy to, and letting yourself be guided by the ‘news’ and man-made earthbound opinions puts you on the rocky path of grievances, irritations and circular thinking. But, you can take a pill for that, right?


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