Your Power

You have power over your capacities of body, mind and heart – not outside events. As such, your greatest leverage lies not in focusing on factors beyond your control, but on remaining so steadfastly anchored in love and truth that you no longer submit to the temptation to resist evil. Realize this and you will live a life of consequence.

6 thoughts on “Your Power

  1. Zach

    This is what allows our personal power to have a solid foundation to project from. The greatest distortions to our power come from within ourselves, it is most of the noise squelching the signal. If we can project a clear and loud power, the noise of the chaotic world can be overcome.


  2. David R

    What a rich sentence (or two!) the compulsion to resist evil is perhaps the greatest tripwire, sealing a prison of self-righteous effort for so many who perhaps ‘mean well” as it is put. One’s life can be defined by what one resists, or it can be defined by what one reveals. A simple but profound choice.


  3. mchoya

    I couldn’t help but picture a ship at sea and the need for a sailor to have the right navigational skills as well as a deep respect for the sea, to know when to turn the ship and when to let go. As an aviation pilot you’ve shared many times that you can’t rely just on your gut feelings or immediate senses. There are a lot of overwhelming and detrimental influences that could have us running aground or crash landing. I personally find it an invigorating challenge to gain the right control over my capacities so as to catch and put to best use the winds of today.


  4. Steve V

    I take note of focusing on factors within my control as you say anchored in love and truth. It is good to see and acknowledge what can be done now in making a life that counts.


  5. Chuck Reddick

    Once I learned this significant truth it changed my life for I finally took total responsibility for my life and all that happened within it, including outside circumstances. And it was after that when I was truly able to start assisting others to discover the greatness that resides within each. When one is without complaint a grand vista of opportunity and appreciation opens up, but as long as one is blaming circumstances or other people for their plight in life they are restricting both their ability to enjoy what is so abundantly present for each of us but are also rendered useless when it comes to being of genuine value to others.


  6. Lady Leo

    I think you have distilled the, well I can hardly call it a secret, but the most consistently obscured supreme universal law. It’s been said as simply as “… Ye resist not evil…” or inferred in commands such as, love your neighbor. Even in recent colloquialisms such as, mind your own dog in your own yard or love is the answer. It’s the truth and the key to actualizing our purpose.


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