To Be Courageous

To be courageous you need not face an army, face insurmountable odds or do the unthinkable. To be courageous you must simply face the little things which you’ve previously let hold you back with new resolve – the self-doubts, self-concern and self-destructive tendencies – the little foxes, in short, that spoil the vine.

6 thoughts on “To Be Courageous

  1. Steve V

    In thinking how a new resolve can be applied to the appearances of self doubt, self concern and self destruction the matter of shame comes to mind. I have heard it said that only purity can remove shame. Makes me think as we increasingly come to an awareness of ourselves as pure and perfect beings made in the image and likeness of God something begins to shift in terms of how we may view these self defeating tendencies. We have leverage to see the reality from the unreality. And with this there comes an awareness of how to meet them through to a spirit of victory.


  2. Thanks Gregg. It is amazing how the little things can keep us held back from knowing our true potential. Today is a great day move courageously forward to a new day a new us.


  3. DeeDee

    The “little foxes” sabotage the development of our full potential. What a travesty! I appreciate this “little” post and its reminder to have courage to imbue each moment with the consciousness that I don’t have to remain limited by this circumstance. These little moments of courage are accumulative.


  4. Chuck Reddick

    What a great topic, and what you present is so very true. In my experiences, I have noted that genuine courage comes in doing the seemingly little things that others often conveniently overlook simply because they were either afraid of them of simply didn’t want to be bothered with them. And of course to effectively participate in something by giving it your all, those little things are crucial. So it takes courage to be successful, to actually do the things that will allow one to be able to look at themselves and say “a job well done!”


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