Requirements of the Age

What if the world’s religions were but phases of a vast and coordinated process of restoration? What if there were requirements peculiar to each age in the development of mankind, akin to the stages of maturation each individual child must go through on the way to adulthood?

Were that the case it would be important to put away childish things, to give thanks for each phase, but to let go and move on when the time was right. The laws of creation and the principles of truth are eternal, but could it be that their emphasis in manifestation  changes over time, according to the requirements of the age?

Bound in the temporal and divorced from the eternal, we look to the past as a guide to help navigate the future for fear of repeating erstwhile failures. Blind to the inmost gems, we zealously refine our outer capacities – body, mind and heart – in hopes that we might be brilliant before our fellows or perhaps our Maker. Could it be that the messengers whose words of wisdom catalyzed the world’s religions were not meant to spawn everlasting institutions, but rather to indicate the necessities of the moment?

If there are requirements of the age in which we are blessed to serve, what would they be?


6 thoughts on “Requirements of the Age

  1. Estelle

    A big heaping dose of compassion is pretty helpful, applied to anything our minds and hearts have the opportunity to come into contact with whether its something we are exposed to directly or through the news or something we are specific about offering in our reflection at the end of the day.


  2. DeeDee Miller

    “The Courage to Face Ingratitude” is an excellent description (and an excellent e-book to read!) for what is required to transmute a lot of the attitudes and reactions that have been keeping the world in a backwards state for far too long.


  3. Lucy Cera

    It does make sense that if we are focused too much on the stagnate aspects of traditions, “old teachings”and beliefs, that we could be ourselves stuck, devolving, instead of evolving into the potential we were born to reveal. The expression “You make a better door than a window” might be a good way to describe what our consciousness is providing for both others on earth and for God’s ability to act through us on earth. Am I that which is blocking the door or that which is providing a means for new
    clarity to be seen and known? It seems to me that allowing the newness of this age to be a very focused presence in our moment to moment consciousness is as vital as the means for blood to circulate in the body. A great spark for meditation today. Thank you!


  4. Steve V

    This is a tremendous post worthy of time for meditation. It does orient us to our eternal nature and the reason for our being in this age of time for the ever ascending cycles of life to continue through us.


  5. Coco

    One for this age could be tolerance for the temporal differences that are displayed due to a variety of factors of identity. Due to the internet a majority of the world has become aware as never before. Variables such a national heritage, religion, cultural mores, geographical requirements. Each of these seem to fragment us from each other to the degree that we don’t value the humanity of each other. A habit of tolerance can give a person the time to see another in a new light before immediately reacting to a pronounced difference. Possibly to see what unites rather then divides. You pose an intriguing theory!


  6. Kolya

    A few thoughts: To be known by what we do, to let our actions speak from a pure heart, to be an inspiration to others, to ask hard questions and to not fear the answers, to change quickly when adjustments are necessary and to act in love, not hate.


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