Greater Works

A mere theory of life, that remains but a theory, is about as useful to a man, as a gilt-edged menu is to a starving sailor on a raft in mid-ocean. It is irritating but not stimulating. No rule for higher living will help a man in the slightest, until he reach out and appropriate it for himself, until he make it practical in his daily life, until that seed of theory in his mind blossom into a thousand flowers of thought and word and act.”

– William George Jordan, The Majesty of Calmness

If a new and living conception of life is to take hold in your bosom, you must bind yourself voluntarily to an ever-expanding exploration and revelation of truth. No one can tell you what your life should reveal, how the truth through you should be clothed. The revelation of truth is a deeply personal and individual matter.

As such, theories on truth must be put to the test and examined through personal application. Truth cannot be learned by rote, or by mindlessly accepting another’s definition.

Knowledge of truth is its own reward. Be wary of those who propose a reward for sharing their beliefs. Truth transcends all man-made divisions, whether spiritual or secular and no organization has a monopoly on truth.

Take care also that you do not believe on the promise of or simply on account of miracles. If you hold fast to and profess truth you know, while deliberately experimenting with that which you suspect to be of truth, you will not need a sign to believe. You will believe because your understanding springs from the depths of your soul and reaches your highest thoughts.

You, dear readers, are the means by which eternal truth is channeled into the “greater works” of your living, that is, your “…thousand works of thought and word and act.”

5 thoughts on “Greater Works

  1. I appreciate your words of caution here…”Be wary of those who propose a reward for sharing their beliefs. ” We must also be mindful, that we are not proposing such.
    Letting people come to their own realizations is the only way the truth is received.
    Guidance through example.


  2. Zach

    There are few organizations (or people with an agenda) that will say “don’t take our word for it, try it out”. They are not afraid of the truth because they build themselves on the truth, not clinging to some sort of dogma without which their organization will crumble, but evolving as their understanding of the truth evolves. None of us have a perfect understanding of the truth and all it holds, but we all can change when the truth shines a light on an area that had been dark.


  3. David R

    Unbiased curiosity, the daring to prove something out, the sense of wonder and thankfulness in discovering anew a foundational truth, the courage to trust in one’s instruments when obscurity rules the moment – qualities that allow the branching and flowering to which you have reference. Here is a lifelong process that no one can take from another.


  4. Coco

    I always love and appreciate William Jordan’s poetic perspective! Beliefs and theory are rather like pipe dreams if you can’t work out how to live them practically. When you can, it is the catalyst for more understanding.


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