Organizational Dynamics

One of my passions is working with organizational dynamics. In fact, I believe that the most important contribution of a well-run company is neither its product nor its service, but its people.

Anyone who owns or manages a company has the opportunity to shape the future of a great many lives and to change, thereby, the course of history. The days of our tomorrows are, obviously, altered by inventions – the kiln, water wheel, hames collar, printing press, steam engine, telephone, etc. – but the most revolutionary developments are born of men’s hearts, not their minds or hands.

Continuing to rely on the carrot or the stick is, to my mind, missing the point entirely. People don’t derive any meaningful sense of value, self-worth or pride from perks or the fear of punishment. Such qualities emerge only in an environment where those present are compelled, encouraged and stimulated to be vulnerable, to relinquish all fronts and to be themselves.

It’s as simple, and as difficult, as that.

4 thoughts on “Organizational Dynamics

  1. Zach

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a really revolutionary idea in our world full of risk averseness and CYA. The wonderful thing is that once a critical mass is achieved in a company’s culture, either you will get it and excel or not get it and eventually end up leaving.

    I am appreciative that you not only believe in doing this, you are actively making in happen day to day.


  2. Steve V

    Your words are refreshing and really ageless. It is good to see how they apply in us. There is much we can extend that brings renewal to our worlds.


  3. Lady Leo

    It does sound as if it should be a simple thing to request and ensure, but that isn’t the training or expectation most have received in preparation for their careers. I find most people are not happy in their current jobs and see it as a stepping stone to some type of betterment. Often the person doesn’t really know what they want. Perhaps with what you are proposing the dream job would more easily materialize as the true nature of the individual was revealed.


  4. Kirney

    This is not your traditional way of ownership or management, but I agree, that it is the only truly effective way to be and to live.


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