Radiate Authenticity

“Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites.” – Dr. Brené Brown

A fellow human being need not qualify his worthiness. Each person you meet is of inestimable worth; the only question is whether or not that individual will make the effort necessary to translate his inner wellspring of worth into outer expression.

You need not prove yourself, nay, you must reveal your true self to the world. To do this you must drop the facade(s) you’ve accepted from family, friends and teachers and relearn to radiate authenticity.

You did it as a baby, so there is no reason why you cannot do it again, later in life. In fact, the only reason to learn anything is so that you can extend your particular shade of blessing into the world around you.

So are you, at the core of you? Dare to let the world know, see, touch and feel. Dare to radiate authenticity!

5 thoughts on “Radiate Authenticity

  1. Zach

    There are so many people that spend their life wondering why they’re here or what they are supposed to be doing while they are here, and this is the answer. We are each a specific and unique composition, and it is our job while we are here to find out how that uniqueness will work out day to day through the things that we do.


  2. Steve V

    Yes the essence of ourselves really is radiant. When the interferences of anything not of such nature are seen as nothing that radiance can naturally shine through.


  3. Coco

    It seems it always circles back to judgement, in this case, of ourselves. I think most will have to gather the courage and understanding that now is the time to think for yourself; to let go of attempting to play the role that was expected from the myriad places we adopt our understanding of who we are expected to be. But carving out another imposter from our own information is just as futile. I like the word reveal. It takes heart space, humility and passion for this process, to be willing to stand down so we can eventually stand up. Wonderful post, thanks.


  4. Carmen

    We must all relearn how to drop the shields that the world has forced upon us, no matter the source from which they came. As only by doing this can we realize for ourselves who and what we truly are. And once this knowledge is found, we will be able to follow our original design and purpose.


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