The Prison Guard

Man keeps God-
Yes, God omnipotent
Imprisoned in heaven,
For God, in all His might
Cannot violate His own laws.
Man, wonderfully made,
Is the mechanism through which
God is made manifest on earth-
Man is designed to liberate Jehovah
God in action on earth,
At this level of creation.
Fear and greed displace man
From his rightful seat
In the wheels within wheels
Of the divine design.
Out of position and thus
Divorced from God’s will
And disconnected from God’s power,
Man desperately clings to
The flotsam and jetsam of human nature:
Fear, the absence of truth and
Greed, the lust for power-
Weak substitutes that impair the beholder,
Like an engine running on the wrong fuel.
Both require judgment to be applied
For discernment and perspective
Are the first casualty of the disconnected state.
Face your fears and relinquish greed, yes
But not by human strength-
Holes are never escaped by digging deeper.
Both can and must be done
But so doing is easier than men assume
In the state of disconnected disorientation
(Judgment is indeed a narcotic fruit.)
Both can and must be achieved
Not by hoping against hope
Or pleading to a God in prison
(For would a jailer thus implore his prisoner for freedom?)
But through repentance, that is, thinking again-
Reorienting and redirecting:
Heart, mind then action.
The kingdom of heaven is at hand-
He was not mocking in so saying,
But the kingdom cannot manifest
Without man in right orientation and action,
For neither God nor men can violate
The laws of creation.
Man, fit to be tied, must repent
To regain his peace.
Peace on earth is not possible
But by the evidence of the presence
Of the One who dwells in each one,
The invisible patterns of heaven-
Taking form on earth
(The Word made flesh.)
So it is that the kingdom of heaven
Is once again known on earth.
Man no more owns the earth
Than he does his own life.
He is the rightful steward,
But only when cloaked in righteousness.
Absent this he is a charlatan, a marauder-
An impotent shadow of his inner angel.
Man was designed in the image and likeness
Of God, yes-
Not the converse,
Man is a playactor in the disconnected state,
Like a child dressed in his father’s clothes
Pretending to go to work.
Man gawks at the mystery of God, wondering
Who he is, from whence he came and where he is going,
Failing all the while to realize that the veil
Which separates man from these answers
Is self-imposed and not the work of a vengeful God.
Man is not only his own worst enemy,
He is his only enemy.
There is no devil with which he must contend
But his own stubborn nature.
To win this battle of the ages,
To end the mystery of God once and for all,
He must lose-
He must cast away his arrogant pride,
Recognizing it as an ill-fitting garment.
He must rediscover the connection between
Potency and humility,
Meekness and might,
Love and truth.
He must realize that he is the answer
That he has longed for through the centuries.
He need not beg God’s forgiveness or
Pray for His intervention,
Nay, he must admit to himself
That he is not a victim of this tragedy,
But it’s author-
He need not wait to be liberated;
Man is the prison guard,
Man is the prison guard.

8 thoughts on “The Prison Guard

  • Here is a kindly-provided set of keys to the prison that has cruelly kept both God captive and man, the jailer, likewise imprisoned by his own hand. Imprisonment has been ‘at hand’ but so is the liberation of the Kingdom. How relieving to welcome the truth of these words!

  • Seeing it written so concisely, the problem and the solution, reminds me that doing anything less is just attempting to obfuscate the simplicity. The responsibility is each one’s and it is doable. Thanks Gregg.

  • This poem describes a very sad history, but the understanding of this history is a necessary part of the problem’s fix.
    Many people are desperately thrashing in their desire for purpose, but the path you described is the only path to that discovery. It doesn’t matter how it is clothed, but in the end each of us must relinquish the mechanisms that we think give us power to dominate the world. Scrabbling to the top of the heap is not success, it is not power. Power should be about uplifting ourselves and others, not at the expense of others, because all power comes from God.
    Humility is the key to Heaven.

  • Wow, it must have taken some clear deliberation to write this. It’s said that it requires more effort to edit then wite a treatise. Thank you! We were created to give evidence to the one who dwells. We don’t have to create our own purpose; we will discover it as we actualize what you propose.

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