Loaded Question

Have you ever been asked “How’s life been treating you?” I was asked this loaded question just the other day. I say loaded because the question contains a controversial or unjustified assumption, the assumption being that we are somehow unwitting victims of whatever life is throwing our way.

The more useful question might be: “How are you treating life today?” You have the power to create, the ability to condition the circumstances we face in life. Circumstances are neutral; the fact of free will allows you to decide as to whether or not you’ll make constructive use out of everything – yes everything! – that comes your way.

2 thoughts on “Loaded Question

  1. Vincent

    Much motivation does spring from a sense of victimization – by other people, by circumstances, by ‘fate’, but ultimately by God. And when you’re being victimized by somoene or something so, well, omnipotent, it breeds a sense of futility!

    We’re told that those who are abused tend to become abusers. Perhaps it’s true of those who see themselves as abused too. this post raises a deeply central issue.


  2. Coco

    Agreed! This is where developing the habit of not judging the circumstances is crucial. It is such a pervasive inclination to judge them. As I’ve made the effort to stop doing this its been interesting. Although I don’t declare I’m refraining from this opiate, occasionally when I haven’t jumped right in with the general consensus that something is amiss I’ve been confronted with the question, “Well, don’t you have an opinion?” Or “Do you agree with this?, thinking my silence was approval. My point is, if we are to break this habit and allow what would naturally fill the heart to be experienced, it requires a presence of mind not to drift to auto pilot or be sucked in by the strong current of what is considered normal.


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