And thus and so

Though I leapt upon the shore
My heart was drawn to days of yore
When men walked with their loving God
And thus in peace on earth did trod.

Now it seems none are at rest
Not even faithful atheist,
For all have lost what once was theirs
And so their eyes give empty stares.

What more can I give
That you may now live?

4 thoughts on “And thus and so

  • May your heart rest in the knowledge that your light reaches those that are ready, and lifts them ever upward. Those who’s eyes are still blind, can not see. There is yet hope that the river can be changed.

  • I guess the most that can be given is living a life true to the truths that have been understood. This opens the way for more to be revealed and serves as a tuning fork for those seeking to live their lives onward and upward. I appreciate your candid poetry.

  • We give what we give, but in the end each person is responsible for their own relationship with God. That is what it means to live in a world with free will.

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