5 thoughts on “Compos Mentis

  1. Ricardo B.

    The unmistakable honor to sing along with heaven’s song, is surely freely available to anyone, anywhere. One can draw the analogy of tuning an instrument to the proper tone, that being akin to the mind being conscious of right. Only in tune can you truly play along with the song, no?


  2. Steve V

    Being consciously right and resting well allows for heaven’s song to be heard for all. It is good to see the responsibility we have individually to know such an experience and to lovingly extend it into our worlds.


  3. Joy

    As always Gregg your words offer a wonderful opportunity to evaluate one’s life and make the changes needed to sing “heaven’s song” rather than the woe is me life’s wrong song! Thank you.


  4. Coco

    Could it be that simple? I think yes! There are myriad circumstances that come our way on a daily basis but the choice of how we handle each one is completely our individual responsibility. Each can say, “I am the decider”! Love your poetry, thanks for sharing it.


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