Human population
Doubled in 50 years.
Superbug creation
Now trebling our fears.
Earth is heating up now,
Glaciers in retreat.
It seems men will not kowtow,
‘Til water’s on their feet.
Bees are disappearing,
Monarchs on the wane.
Despots rule is nearing,
All in freedom’s name.
For what can we be grateful,
With so much going wrong?
With so many now hateful,
Have we gone too long?
Well, I for one don’t think so,
I’m hopeful for our race.
The world is not a lost cause,
We needn’t look to space.
My son’s lives just beginning,
They’re now 8 and 6.
Yes, they can keep on grinning,
I think I have a fix.
The world is too suppressive,
We’ve left reason for rules.
The labyrinth’s impressive,
We’ve been selfish fools.
Knowledge ain’t the answer,
We know all that we must.
The deficit, you see, dear,
Is simply one of trust.
We needn’t more religion
Or science in the halls.
We must restore our vision
Before the reaper calls.

5 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Zach

    We surely have left reason for rules. We have also left love and replaced it with zero-sum vindictiveness. The good news is that we don’t have to wait for anyone else to do the right thing ourselves, we can do our part beginning anytime.


  2. Coco

    Your poem is both sobering and sanguine, not an easy accomplishment. I fervently believe that all is not lost, there is still an opportunity for the Earth and it’s inhabitants to take their place in the Onipotent’s plan but it will be on his terms not ours. I trust in his mercy and also in his steadfastness to his plan. Our main resource for connection to him and creation on Earth, is our hearts. We have our work cut out for us and we each have the ability to make all the difference in the outcome.


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