6 thoughts on “The Sum of Two Vectors

  1. Zach

    I would say that having either of them damns you to a life of disharmony. It should be our primary concern to be strong centers of balance in our worlds, and to do that requires a strong mind and a broad heart.


  2. Steve V

    Your words make think of the antipodal that a pledged mind to bringing the things of God on earth with the depth of feeling invigorates the soul.


  3. Coco

    I think enlivening the heart is most naturally accomplished through a general appreciation, foregoing any habitual complaint. Along with that, a deliberate, private meditation of forgiveness, actually going as far back as you can remember; releasing memories one by one; either forgiving or apologizing . I’ve found this exercise has a profound result, as the heart becomes unencumbered. I believe we can strengthen our minds with what we feed them. Thanks Gregg, wonderful start today.


    1. Joy

      Thanks for your words Coco; what you suggest certainly would release some internal baggage that would lighten the heart immensely!


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