The Illusion of the Unreal

“The heavens themselves, the planets and this centre
Observe degree, priority and place,
Insisture, course, proportion, season, form,
Office and custom, in all line of order.”
(Shakespeare, Ulysses, Act 1 Scene 3)

Appearances can be deceiving. In fact, most of what we observe in our daily affairs in the world as it now is, is illusory.

This is not a new phenomenon, in fact, this has been the case since the so-called fall of man. The fall was a fall in consciousness, precipitated by a deliberate abuse of free will and perpetuated by a stubborn unwillingness to forgive and repent. You’ve no doubt experienced this in your own life, where you’ve acted out of reaction to the appearances of circumstances round about instead of acting from an orientation in the spirits of love and truth. The fall happened long ago, but it also happens every time you fail to observe the laws of being–the eternal laws that govern and order the universe–and do what is right in your own eyes.

There is order in the universe, order induced by truth. The truth is true and all is well. While suffering and death are the wages of our present disfunction, the truth of the matter is that we can live–here and now, not in some imaginary place after death–in a way that nullifies both suffering and death.

To start this process in yourself, you must learn to recognize and let truth govern your thoughts, words, and deeds. By this I do not mean you must find the most palatable form of spirituality or religion and gorge yourself on it. In fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Truth exists independent of the structures, strictures, and scriptures that compose religion and spirituality. While there may be some truth in the aforementioned human constructions, truth sits above human opinion and belief. Nobody, no group, no one can corner the truth.

Our willful distortion of the pattern of order will not be long-lived. It will either leave the body of mankind, or the body will leave with it. This holds true for the individual just as it does for the body of humanity.

Which shall it be for you, in your life?

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