A Man’s Worth

A man’s worth is neither measured by his material wealth, nor his educational attainment, neither is it calculated by the scope of his accomplishments. A man’s worth boils down to one, central metric: the degree to which he has remained faithful to the spirit of love.

What is the spirit of love? God is the spirit of love. Love is the only power in the universe and it is the central essence of being. Love intensifies all that it touches. That which is compatible with love is magnified by it, while that which is incompatible with it is burnt away.

Love is the apex, the center, the core of cores. Love is, was, and always shall be. To yield to the spirit of love is a man’s greatest duty. To let love’s will be done in and through him is man’s greatest joy.

Every man is called to let love radiate without concern for results, but few men do. Most men fail to center in love and instead, find themselves as brides to the world around and beneath them. They find themselves responding not to the call of the will of the spirit of love, but to the cries of the needy and hungry world and because of this, most men struggle with their sense of purpose, consistency in action, and fulfillment.

Where faithfulness to the spirit of love is the central concern, unflappable, merciful, generous, and unmistakeable manhood emerges. Be clear: there is no such a thing as a self-made man. Self-made men are hollow imitations, cheap substitutes for true men.

We need more true men. We need more conscious, capable, caring, daring, solid, men whose strength and grace nourish the world because they are rooted in love. Make no mistake: they will only reappear on earth if they remain true to the spirit of love.

There is no other way.

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