Try the Spirits

It is said that spirits pique feelings, which then coalesce into thoughts, words, and actions. Think about that for a moment. Spirits give rise to feelings, which then may become thoughts, words, and actions. Notice the use of the word “may.”

The feelings you have cannot force you to think, say, or do anything. You may feel a certain way, but you needn’t act on your feelings automatically, like a robot. You have free will. What this means, ultimately, is that you can choose which feelings, and tracking it back, which spirits, shape your life expression.

While the thoughts you have are not predetermined, they can be influenced by the feelings that stir them. If you exercise your free will properly, though, your mind serves as a gatekeeper for your thoughts, words, and deeds.

You have the privilege (and the responsibility if you wish to keep the privilege!) to choose which feelings you endorse in your living. Yes, you have a choice! You are not your feelings. Remember also that the stronger a feeling is doesn’t make it any more true. There are incredibly powerful ill spirits in operation in the world, like hatred and spite, but these are ill spirits that lead only to destruction if you allow them to take up residence in your heart and soul.

You need not act on every impulse that surges up from your feeling realm. In fact, a troubled heart should be a red flag, a forewarning that the spirit beneath or behind it may not be something worth magnifying in your living. You need not believe every spirit that comes along. In fact, you are wise to “try the spirits” as it was once put-test them, analyze them, ask yourself if they are generative or destructive, before taking ownership of them.

You are wise to stop excusing yourself from this responsibility. Try the spirits. Don’t be so quick to react; you have time. The failure to try the spirits will bring harm and suffering to you and those around you, without fail. Success in this regard, however, sets the stage for a generative, successful, and fulfilling life.

As Marcus Aurelius put it so eloquently roughly two millennia ago: “If it’s not right, don’t do it; if it’s not true, don’t say it.”

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