Stop the Struggle

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” –John Muir

Of all the mistakes that can be made in the living of life, chief among them is the decision to live reactively instead of radiantly. Living reactively, that is, letting circumstance determine how one is to act, is the root of all misery in the world.

To live reactively is to identify with creation and not the Creator. The overwhelming majority of humanity has been fooled by this “trick of the Devil” and the result is a Zeitgeist of mistrust of life, a victim mindset, and the conviction that perfection is unattainable. At the end of the day–as creation–we can blame the Creator, whatever we call Him, Her, They or it, for whatever ills might befall us.

The truth is that we are here to create, not to be tossed about in the winds and waves of circumstance. We are here to “let the so light shine” as it was once put, that others might see our good works by example and do the same in their living. We are not here to bemoan our limitations, misfortunes, and maltreatment, rather, we are here to flesh out the spirit of victory and perfection.

“Well my problems are especially hard,” you might say, or “I’m just too broken to have a fighting chance.” Well the good news is that you will never be given something that is larger than your ability to handle it with grace, humility, and aplomb. Furthermore, one of the prerequisites to overcoming is giving up the so-called fight.

When you stop fighting–others, your limited circumstances, etc.–you start to heal. “Fighting the good fight” is typically seen as a praiseworthy cause, but in reality it is a fool’s errand. Fighting requires struggle and struggle with invariably implies subjection to. When you stop struggling you leave room for wisdom, for the expression of wisdom requires a calm mind and a tranquil heart. This is why there is so much wisdom in the command, “Resist not evil.”

Don’t be fooled! Stopping the struggle is not achieved by assuming a laissez-faire approach to living. Resignation (e.g. “What I do doesn’t matter anyway”) only reveals aspects of you that continue to identify with Creation (or that stubbornly refuse to let the Creator in you speak and act). Stopping the struggle releases tension, gives perspective, and lets your heart be filled with wisdom.

An untroubled heart is the key to radiance and to perfection in expression and action.

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