The Key to Divine Magic

The union of love and truth permits the projection of life. This is divine magic.

When you experience the magic of a spring day, you are particularly open to the appreciation of the beauty of flowers or the loveliness of some grass or some trees or the sky. You are open to appreciation of design and there is no pattern of reaction to that which is manifest. The appreciation of the magic of the moment is always accompanied by a sense of lightness.

The individual who looks at things and always finds fault with something in them says: “If just this were different, if this were only over there instead of over here, if this was just shaped a little differently, etc.” In so doing, he rebels against design and spoils the magic of the moment, the magic of life. Of course, the manifestation may not be ideal and may not have yet come to the point of being completely conformed to the divine pattern (i.e. “on earth as it is in heaven”), but it is important to remember that rebellion against the present design spoils the magic of life.

The acceptance of the design that appears at the moment does not imply acceptance on an eternal basis. Nothing is to remain just exactly as it is forever. The acceptance of the beauty of the design as it is manifest—without rebellion or resentment against any phase which may not yet have reached the point of absolute perfection—permits the magic of truth to work in relationship to the the magic of life.

You have likely heard people talk about love or loving some particular individual, but they were in a state where they could not enjoy that love. Have you ever seen anyone like that? They say, “Well, I really love that person, but I can’t get along with them, I don’t like how he does this or that, and nothing ever seems to work out right, and yet I really love them.” Well, perhaps that is true to a point, but what is wrong with this picture? Why doesn’t the magic of love manifest as the magic of life? It’s simple. Because the magic of truth is not allowed to come into play. The magic of love cannot appear and give magic to life unless there is the magic of truth.

When you look at people who are always and forever finding fault with something, the complainers of this world, they always seem to be fixated on something they have deemed to be wrong. It doesn’t make any difference how anyone may try, what efforts may be put forth, but such people obsess about something wrong that to their mind should be some other way. “I don’t like this,” they might say or “I don’t like that. This does not please me. I just don’t understand how so and so could do such and such.” Their lives are marked by rebellion with a consequent rejection, a rebellion against design as it is made manifest.

The design made manifest is perhaps not the perfect thing, not the ultimate, not what will be, but if you reject the design that is and rebel against it, you reject any possibility of the correct manifestation of design. There is of course the basic principle that controls here: according to your response, so be it unto you. But, in the manifestation of the application of that principle, you must reach a point where you are free in your limitations before you can be free from your limitations. This is one of the basic factors of divine magic.

For as long as you are rebelling against or resenting any factor of limitation—no matter how unjust it may seem to you, no matter how wrong it may be in actual fact—as long as you are rebelling against the design as it is manifest you are preventing the manifestation of the correct design which could make you free. Now it is only the truth that can make you free, but you must let the truth begin to operate in you and through you.

There is an element of truth in the design as it is no matter how limited it may be. Unless you accept the design as it is with respect to any phase in your own life, any limitation in your own being, anything in you, around you, in environment, in circumstance, in the world situation that has the power to produce resentment in you or to cause a spirit of rebellion in you against the abnormalities of design, has the power to destroy magic for you, the magic of life.

Unfortunately, once the magic of life is gone, it seems like nothing is worthwhile. Your sense of perspective vanishes, your sense of values goes haywire, and you become like a ship being tossed on the angry waves of a stormy sea. In such a state, there is nothing reliable, no point of orientation; confusion reigns.

Rebellion against abnormalities in the design prevents the manifestation of the correct design. The human being imagines that he can rebel against the things he does not like and so receive the things he wants. But that is one of the most damnable lies of the devil. That is what opens the human being to black magic. And there is black magic in operation in relation to every human being on earth as long as the unreal patterns remain.

Black magic is the magic of the unreal world, the mirage world, the realm of illusion. This black magic can operate and does through most human beings on the face of the earth. You needn’t be a trained practitioner of the dark arts to indulge in black magic. Until you have reached a point of being completely centered in God, completely trustworthy, completely dependable in relationship to reality, you are letting your capacities of body, mind and heart be used from the standpoint of black magic.

Feeling has a part to play in relationship to all magic, black or white. Consider for a moment how much feeling human beings have with respect to the things of God. Occasionally they really let themselves take a moment to enjoy the beauties of nature. They may have quite a feeling with respect to some truth they’ve read or heard, but where do the deep feelings appear? The overwhelming majority of deep feelings appear with respect to the darkness. They say delicately, “Oh yes of course I love the things of God,” but then scream, “I HATE THIS AND I DON’T LIKE THAT!!!”

Where do the deep feelings appear in you? With respect to the right things or the wrong things? If the deep feelings appear with respect to the wrong things, you are subject to black magic. If the deep feelings appear on the basis of the things of reality and the wrong things do not have the power to disturb your feeling nature, you are subject to white magic. That’s the difference: the way in which the feeling capacity is used, plus that to which the feeling nature is subject.

Here is the key to divine magic.

Photo by Douglas Bagg on Unsplash

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