We stood holding signs
Under the stifling Georgian heat.
Rallying for continuity,
Expecting nothing that day.

Like us, your countrymen
Cry out, but for revolution—
For a break from the iron fist
Of tyranny.

Hatchett versus Hall, our fight—
Faint shades of difference.
Liberty versus tyranny, theirs—
Nightmarish night versus glorious day.

You, Belarusian woman—
Scion of white Russia,
Far from mother’s arms
Far from motherland.

Your brethren—oppressed but undaunted,
Dismissed but ever present,
Stand tall like golden wheat
Unscathed by history’s sickle.

The outcome not yet reported
But both in time shall be.
History’s pages shall surely tell—
We both stand for liberty.

We are with you, Belarus. ❤️

Photograph REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

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