truth will out

The news came of his arrest—
Her light, her love, her life
Gone in an instant.
They spoke of this
But she refused to accept it.
This time will be different
They said
Sitting in the moonlight
Feeling the electric moment
Hearing the youthful cries
Heeding the call to greater freedom.
This time truth shall out
Lies and hatred,
Selfish oppression,
A lifelong nightmare.
Those who see
Shall lock arms
Stare in solder’s eyes—
Brothers yesterday
Fearful foes today
Rushing, punching, cursing
Pushing against
Their greatest hope.
Beating innocence
With batons loyal to idols
Fighting the light
In the darkness of night.
Faces like yours, mine
On soldier’s bodies
Eyes darkened by
Swallowed dignity.
Arm in arm
Hearts united
We march forward
To an unknown horizon.
Barefoot in the rain
Blood of saints—
Mothers, fathers
Brothers, sisters,
Teachers, lovers
Flow through the streets
Reflecting the moonlight
Back to the heavens.
She stands
Mighty in her cause
Belarusian woman—
Guardian of truth
Anchored in love
Longing for peace.
Her tired eyes
Reveal a fiery furnace,
Adamantine devotion.
“Truth shall out!”
She declares bravely
While tarrying—
Quietly, humbly
Like mother Mary
Inhaling momentous gravity,
Pondering the great gift at hand
In her heart.
Honor, dignity, balance
Shall be restored.

Author’s tender heart
Flows into his pen
Words, hopes, prayers
Unite in solidarity—
We are with you, Belarus.

Photograph Sergei Grits/AP

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