I used to feel that I live in an alternate reality. I never fit into man’s world. I strove to succeed, to exceed expectations, to be “good” in the eyes of my fellows, but I never found my place. But today I realize that I live not in an alternate reality, I live in reality.

I live in a world that pivots around the will of love and mutual service. I live in a world that recognizes and compassionately enfolds the lowness of the current human condition. I live in a world that values the currency of love and truth over the currency of commerce. I live in a world that understands the ultimate power of radiant innocence.

I recognize that many will continue to dismiss reality outright, but also that many more will embrace it wherever it is unveiled. My voice joins those who call to sanity, to reality. My voice, my feet, my heart, and my hands join those who rise into awareness of our shared responsibility in the revelation of the natural state, which is rooted in dignity, honor, and grace.

As I watch the unfolding events in Belarus I am reminded of the immense power of love in action on earth. Peaceful protests, women clothed in white joining hands, facing tanks, bullets, and soldiers. Pleas for liberty, sincere calls for the abdication of oppressive leadership, and the restoration of long-suppressed dignity. Men, women, children making individual statements of solidarity under the shadow of a petty, greedy war machine. Innocence radiating into the darkness.

Belarus, we are with you. ❤️

Photo by Deutsche Welle.

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