The Love of Living

Could it be said of you that you truly love to live? If so, then you have mastered the fine art of letting the very depths of your nature find expression in the world around you.

The love of living spiritualizes the commonplace. It is the means by which your personal atmosphere carries the positive charge of blessing, the process by which the invisible is made visible. 

The people who have this love of life rarely speak about it; they simply radiate it. These precious few have learned not to catalog injustices or woes, instead, they release their clutch on past ills and move on.

The love of living is the recognition and the uninhibited acceptance of the magnificent gift of life itself!

One thought on “The Love of Living

  1. Joshua

    I have been residing on a property that naturally reveals heaven on earth. With ease nature’s glorious fragrance and songs have captivated my heart, washed away the wreckage of the past, and restored my love for life. If the struggles of the day to day have you down, and the past won’t seem to be that…past, I would suggest getting out in nature to restore the glorious love for life!

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