You may have fancied yourself as important, impressive, or highly capable in relation to your peers, but the truth of the matter is that your life is contained in a vast cosmic drama that is far greater than you might ever have imagined. Your talents are of value, but of far greater importance is your willingness to remain humbly centered in the spirits of love and truth.

Men of this world use their talents to establish their importance and prominence in relation to their fellows. They accumulate resources, connections, and titles, that is, outer things, to accumulate power and maximize pleasure, without concern for meaning.

Enlightened men, on the other hand, recognize that their value is absolute—established in being and not a by-product of achieving—and that the will to meaning is primary and fundamental. Such men use their talents and the resources at their command to magnify the spirits of love and truth in the earth, regardless of personal gain or expense.

No man is self-made, neither is man complete in and of himself. All are born of and into a matrix of interdependency and interrelatedness. The belief that a man is complete into himself is the height of human arrogance and evidence only of man’s lack of understanding of the reality of being.

We are all members of the body of humanity and we are all members of the body of God. That said, our oneness doesn’t not imply sameness. Each one is a unique focalization of both “human” and “being.” Each brings a peculiar essence, a valuable perspective, and a balancing point and each one matters immensely.

Just as with the various parts of the human body (e.g. head, eyes, mouth, hands), our strength lies in our solidarity and agreement, not in isolated or independent function, especially when at the expense of others. We are, for better or for worse, in this together. When one in the body of man suffers, all suffer. To deny this connection is to tear at the very fabric of being. Likewise, if one rises up, we all rise up.

Let us then wisely employ every ounce of resource, every second of time, and every joule of energy to the magnification of love and truth on earth, not because we are self-righteous do-gooders who are hellbent on being heaven sent, but because we understand that we are a critical part of the larger whole and that heaven and earth are depending upon us to get this right.

You were not born to be average or to live a life of mediocrity. You were born to be noteworthy, to infuse the world with light and love. You are important, impressive, and highly capable, not because you’ve pasted these qualities on to yourself, but because you’ve let the wonderful one within you find expression in the world around you.

As above, below; as inside, so without.

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