Place of Peace

In nature, every hurricane has an eye. Likewise, no matter how fierce the cyclonic winds of your circumstances may be, there is always a place of peace to be found within. That sanctuary of tranquility, deep within your heart, connects you to all the wisdom and resource you shall ever need to weather any storm.

The key and perhaps the hard part if you are like most people, is taking note of the winds – of their direction and intensity – without fixating on them. When you fix your attention on the storm, you very likely lose sight of the calm. When your heart is troubled, fear supplants faith, worry edges out confidence, and paralysis replaces action.

Peace is an active, dynamic state. It rightly lies in the heart of creative activity, no matter how intense or chaotic the activity may appear to be on the surface. Peace is the evidence of the presence of connection to the fountain of life within you.

If you’d like to read more thoughts on how to be at peace, check out this post.

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