Creative Void

Most people on earth these days have had a chance to spend more time at home, at arm’s length from the world of achieving. The busy lives they led just weeks ago are now simpler, more confined, and through that simplicity and confinement, a creative void appeared.

The void at first was disorienting. It felt empty, maybe motionless. But gradually, some learned to come to rest in the void. They realized that the void was not an empty, barren place, rather, it was a creative womb. A place for new beginnings. New thoughts. New activities. New ways of relating to family and friends.

What did you do when that void appeared? Did you panic? Did you worry? Did you rush to fill it with news of the busy world beyond? Or did you relax and breathe into it? Did you let there be, as it was once said, “darkness upon the face of the deep”? Or did you scramble for the light switch?

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