What spirit will you bring today?

What spirit will you bring to this day?

Will it be fear, dread and weakness or joy, determination and strength? Are you going to wait for external cues, say the news, your spouse’s mood, or the temperature of your coffee? Or, will you wake up and own this day?

Most, sadly, will succumb to external pressure. They will yield their creative control to others, be it the person who cuts them off in traffic, their grumpy supervisor, or someone who posts an alternative viewpoint on Facebook. They will reflect what’s going on around them rather than radiating a positive influence from within outward. As a result, they will render themselves impotent vis-vis the fertile field of unique opportunities that surround them today.

Few, however, a previous few, will stay connected to their inner genius, the source of their greatness, and as a result, their world will move forward rather than spinning idly. They will be the bright lights, the lighthouses shining through the stormy circumstances that swirl around us these days. They will focus on the openings, not the limitations, the ripe fruit, not the spoilt. Their circumstances will be no better aligned than those of the murmurers, pessimists, and defeatists. They will face the same winds, but they will tack and jibe, even beat into the wind if required, to gain ground.

What spirit will you bring today?

The choice is yours and yours alone!

2 thoughts on “What spirit will you bring today?

  1. I choose the spirit of Majestic Might!
    This beautiful glorious day need not succumb to things external, rather those external things shall be lift up because I radiantly choose that it be so! Thanks for the reminder and the uplifting start!

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