Personal Best

It occurred to me today that the notion of your “personal best” applies to both being and doing. 

In the sense of being, your highest and finest – your personal best – relates to letting the truth of you be revealed in its fullest possible glory. Achieving your personal best, on the other hand relates to applying best efforts to the accomplishment of some thing. 
The quality of your “letting”, on the one hand, and of your “forging” or “begetting” on the other, determines your effectiveness in living. Take time to ask yourself: “Am I being all I can be and am I doing my personal best?” If not, well, don’t beat yourself up about it or make more excuses. Get to work! 

One thought on “Personal Best

  1. Thank you Gregg for bringing to greater light letting and begetting in regards to the expression of our personal best. Your words do put things in perspective.


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