Educated Nature

“Speak as educated nature suggests to you, and you will do well, but let it be educated and not raw, rude, uncultivated nature. Demosthenes took unbounded pains with his voice, and Cicero, who was naturally weak, made a long journey into Greece to correct his manner of speaking. With far nobler themes, let us not be less ambitious to excel.” – Charles Spurgeon

Your educated nature is the higher, refined side of your outer personality. It is transformed by virtue of diligent study and careful expression.

It does not matter how educated you may be at any given point in time, how many degrees you have or what marks you made in your studies, the fact of the matter is that you can always improve upon where you now stand.

One thought on “Educated Nature

  1. To be considerate of our momentary expression especially the words we speak does go a long way to knowing a greater refinement in living. With refinement comes a greater appreciation and gratefulness for that which is more and more satisfying.


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