Your Attitude

One of my work associates was describing his approach to life the other day and he summed it up in a few simple, but profound words:

“You see, it’s very easy. I know that every morning when I wake up I have a choice to make: I can either establish that I am going to have a good day or choose to have a bad day. So every day, I choose to have a good day.”

You cannot choose what will happen around you, but you can establish your positioning in relation to it. Your attitude need not be situationally dependent. Your attitude is not up to somebody or something else. It is yours to determine and yours to maintain. 

One thought on “Your Attitude

  1. I noticed your words “I choose to gave a good day.” If I am not mistaken I think you meant to have a good day. However in that I see to choose to have a good day centers in choosing to give a good day. Even in our possible errors blessings can be conveyed. Thank you for your post.


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