I think I’ll be


I think I’ll be a cloud this day anew

Through which the sun its warming rays shall pass

And cast its light upon each blade of grass
That glistens with refreshing morning dew;
Or should I be a bird with out-stretched wing

That glides along and then at once soars high
Creating graceful figures in the sky,
Or perch upon a limb and gently sing;
The songs of spring awaken in my heart
A joy so full and yearning to release
Itself into the world. The song of peace

And universal love I must impart

Yet as I sing the sweet serenity

Whispers, “It is a pleasure being me.”

– C.O. Burleson

Are you happy being you? Do you wish you were someone else, somewhere else, in some other time perhaps? Or are you content being you, happy to wake up in the morning, and thrilled to greet the new day?

Life is too short to be lived in fear, regret, worry, or envy. Such modes of living obscure the radiant core of vernal life within you which longs to be released into the world. You cannot dim that spirit, but you can darken the cloud through which shines.

Awake this morning with a thankful heart. Arise today with the goal of giving the joy in you the full faith and credit of your heart. Let it be a pleasure being you today. What really do you have to lose?

One thought on “I think I’ll be

  1. Thank you for opening a door for us to really acknowledge who we are in spirit. The joie de vi vre unique to each of us, is and has always been looking to be released. Finally it is good to consciously love the joy that I AM THAT I AM! Let the clouds of doubt be dissipated as we honor our commission that fulfills us with elation.


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