Action and Character

“Activity is the presence of function,—character is the record of function.” – Greenough

Your character is determined primarily by your actions, not your words or thoughts. Moreover, your actions are the primary interpreters of your thoughts. Your words clothe your thoughts, but your actions send them to work.

One thought on “Action and Character

  1. Yesterday I attended a National Speaker Association (NSA) event and I was impressed by the presenters and the attendees. It was great to see individuals interested in refining the way they present in a genuine, effective and trustworthy way.
    Your words today make me think more on the emphasis of trust as it relates to character. I further see that the character that exudes from a speaker rests on “that record of function.” You really can’t expect to be perceived as credible just by your words. It really does take what we do in our living that gives us the potentcy to be perceived by others as someone they can trust whether we are presenting or whether we are having a one to one conversation.


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