A Plain Life

“A Plain Life”, by William Henry Davies

No idle gold — since this fine sun, my friend,
Is no mean miser, but doth freely spend.

No precious stones — since these green mornings show,
Without a charge, their pearls where’er I go.

No lifeless books — since birds with their sweet tongues
Will read aloud to me their happier songs.

No painted scenes — since clouds can change their skies
A hundred times a day to please my eyes.

No headstrong wine — since, when I drink, the spring
Into my eager ears will softly sing.

No surplus clothes — since every simple beast
Can teach me to be happy with the least.

This Christmas Eve I am mindful of the remarkable bounty given to us by the earth. When I consider all that I am privileged to steward in this regard, I want for nothing man-made, other than the love and friendship which flows through the hearts and minds of those near and far who are dear to me.

How blessed we are to have one another, to be enfolded by the heavenly envelope of our atmosphere, to be surrounded by the many faces of the glorious land we are privileged to dress and keep, and to know that the so-called “simple” things are so deeply satisfying.

2 thoughts on “A Plain Life

  1. Joshua

    Awe-blessed are we.
    Us to repay, but one morsel of such
    Means bringing focused reciprocation
    Eve of freely giving
    Now is the time, Let the slates be wiped clean
    Radiant Love
    And blessed Forgiveness


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