The Sway of Love

On this Christmas morning I cannot help but think of the need to provide a sanctuary for pure, sweet essences of love which are, as always, at hand. We need not look back two thousand years to feel and know the influence of the light of love in the world, in fact, we need look no further that our immediate circumstances to experience the sway of love.

Your heart has the capacity to be a sanctuary for love or the habitation of desolation. You – through choices you make from day to day – either give residence to love and its attendant spirits (e.g. encouragement, blessing, purification, forgiveness, etc.) or to those spirits which corrupt the revelation of love (e.g. envy, fear, greed, complaint, etc.). The choice is ultimately yours.

The question I suppose each one must ask him or herself is “How important is love to me?” Once this question is answered, the rest is just details…

Happy holidays, dear readers. I wish you a wonderful day and I encourage you to make more room in your heart (and subsequently in your thoughts, words and deeds) for love.

One thought on “The Sway of Love

  1. The currents of love are a constant. Good to have our sails in the right direction. Grateful appreciation uprights our mast. The exhilaration of moving through an open beautiful sea is as a delight to move through this holiday time.


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