The Art of Healing

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” – Paracelsus

I had the good pleasure of spending most of the day yesterday with my friends and coworkers at the Spa on Green Street in Gainesville, Georgia. We had an employee development day with the team and gave thought to our “why” and looked at ways to refine our approach to delivering unique spa, fitness and wellness products and services.

Being naturally inclined and open-minded by nature, the spa, fitness and wellness services my team and I designed aim to bring about transformational experiences for our guests. We take a multi-modality approach, as our programs were inspired by more elaborate destination spa programs, and everything we do at the spa intends to restore the flow of life in the minds, bodies and hearts of the guests we serve.

What impressed me most about the time we spent was neither the remarkable camaraderie of the team under the leadership of Teryl Worster nor the delicious lunch provided by various members of the team, but the recognition that every person on the team saw themselves as playing an active role in creating an environment conducive to healing. It occurred to me while I was sitting there hearing these encouraging things that many people in the spa industry and in the medical profession in general would describe themselves as healers, but is that really the case?

To my mind, practitioners of the medical arts are not healers, but guides in the process of healing. As our naturopath said yesterday, healing is not an event, but a process. No matter what medicine you take or doctor you see, the healing comes from nature – from the unfettering of the life force within you. When you look at it this way you see that big egos in medicine are unnecessary, that disenfranchised and uneducated patients are a big part of the problem and that we should probably trust the body and its infinite wisdom much more than we do at the moment.

The art of healing is as important as the science of healing.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Healing

  1. Ricardo B.

    Nature I’ve found indeed is trustworthy and furthermore, worthy of our utmost respect. One can count on Nature yielding consistent results given the right balance of conditions. These conditions are predetermined by Nature’s very own will, a will far superior to any person’s and ultimately we all suffer if we try to bend Nature’s will to our own. I’m amazed and humbled by what the doctors of ancient times have had to say on this matter, as they were all astute observers of Nature while at the same time fully committed to being in step with natural law in the prescriptive advice they gave.

    Given there are principles, Nature instructs and the careful listener gains much that is truly valuable.


  2. Education is a major key in the passage through the healing process. Many times education has been heavy on the science of healing leading to distraction and confusion of conflicting information in the bottomless pit of knowledge. It is time to really consider how the art and science of healing can be fostered and united by the love of wisdom applied to both.


  3. Lady Leo

    What a helpful frame of reference for the health care recipient and provider. That recognition takes the unnatural pressure that instant gratification puts on genuine wellness. The atmosphere for creation begins when we realize we are a part of the healing process not an onlooker. That’s a wonderful business to be in!


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