The Speed of Life

If increasing the speed of life was the primary purpose of living, I imagine many more people would feel fulfilled in living than do at the end of their fast-paced lives.

Pace is not always secondary to quality, as is the case when you’re crossing the street on foot and a car comes speeding toward you. In such situations, how you get out of the way is less important than getting out of the way as quickly as possible. But in a general sense, in the living of life, the quality of your living is more important than the speed at which you live.

It may strange to hear this from someone who employs others to get work done in various business enterprises, but to me productivity is not a good indicator of the quality of living. There are millions of productive people in the world whose quality of life is poor. As an employer, I would much rather have those in my employ realize that conducting themselves with dignity and making common cause with virtue is far more important to me than their productivity.

That said, dignity and virtue beget efficiency and fruitfulness, while shortcuts to virtue invariably end up taking longer than the right and true way. If those with whom I have the privilege of working are operating to the best of their present understanding of the many virtues available to us as human beings, they will be driven to be efficient and effective in all they endeavor to accomplish.


5 thoughts on “The Speed of Life

  1. Ernest

    It is interesting to note that when we do and encourage others to do “the right thing” in each and every circumstance, things actually end up getting done more efficiently and effectively. So called short cuts in all things, but most specifically business, just about always leads to ineffectiveness and waste, often costing a company lots of money and time, much less image, when they have to correct. Just look at some of the recent examples of some of our so called leading corporations. Your post today is a great starting point for one beginning any endeavor Gregg.


  2. Joy

    What a wonderful code to live by. I often think of our founding fathers and the legacy of dignity and virtue that they bequeathed to us, and how tirelessly they pursued there duty. Their lives gave evidence of such a variety of accomplishment. I endeavour, at the end of each day to ask this question of myself, how efficient and effective have I been in the course of this day.


  3. Coco

    Business consultant and author, Peter Drucker’s thought was, “efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. In order to do the right thing the virtues available to us have to be the significant driver of our lives. We communicate through our actions, the foundation is our heart.


    1. Thank you for such an applicable succinct distilling of our consideration today. I think the variety of points posted by Gregg over time can be also distilled to provide a true 101 business management publication along with presentations to the world.


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