Sound out of Silence

“Each person brings sound out of silence and coaxes the invisible to become visible.” ― John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Your body, mind and heart are designed to be a resonant chamber for your soul. Your mind, in particular, was not created to penetrate the mysteries of the soul by looking inward. In fact, its purpose is quite the opposite. Your mind, rightly utilized, serves to focus and amplify the heavenly music within you.

The attempt to force this to happen constricts the flow of spirit through you. Trying to be an original invariably results in you being less so. Indeed, originality and authenticity are the result of letting, not trying.

If letting is the key and is so easy, then why don’t more people do it more often? For starters, few people are willing to loosen the death grip they have on their lives. They’re desperate to control the direction in which their lives unfold, and they try just about everything – prayer, intention, goal setting, etc. – to maintain the sovereignty of self-will.

Secondly, people tend to be reluctant to relinquish their self-doubts. Self-doubts short-circuit the expression of original thought; they are the “mute button” of the soul. Whenever the outer mind says “I’m not good enough”, the perfect inner soul remains trapped in a cone of silence.

There are, of course, many other ways to choke back the revelation of originality through you, but once you are on to the fact that your body, mind and heart are perfectly capable of coaxing inner perfection into outer expression you can begin to watch for the times you are standing in the way of, rather than facilitating this to happen.

6 thoughts on “Sound out of Silence

  1. David R

    Perhaps it would be fair to say that it is impossible for the mind, the creation, to turn the universe upside down so that it becomes the master. The lower cannot encompass the higher – not that there is any lack in the attempt department!

    Letting go allows the fine instrument of mind to be activated by what is higher so that there is understanding from within outward, and the world may once again be lit by that integrated understanding spirit – an original!


  2. Joy

    In light of your words Gregg, I can see how the firmly held belief that we are all sinners effectively keeps the soul on mute. One can only imagine the wonder, if all the souls on earth were to magnify the heavenly beauty within.


  3. Hearing the clear music that originates from the essences of ourselves allows for an experience of tranquility. Yes, in order to be in position to know this, interferences of self will and self doubt need to be recognized and released. Giving thanks to recognize such occurrences within ourselves opens the way for such things to be transmuted. Being grateful for the individual opportunities we have to bring transformation of the fallen human state serves to satisfy our living soul.


  4. This is a lovely post. Thank you. I have noticed there are certain cycles/stages when a window for major change reveals itself. When I embrace that window wholeheartedly, I am transported to a new healthier place of being – internally and externally.


  5. Lady Leo

    Confucius described it as, “I am not an originator but a transmitter.”
    Loosening the death grip we have on our lives is to surrender to the will of the Father; which you elegantly described as “the heavenly music within you”. This requires our free will to be fully invested in the letting. What an excellent mediation to start this day, thank you.


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