All things

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them…” Matthew 7:12

Were this simple statement truly taken to heart and consistently put into action, a great many things on earth would change in an instant. For instance, there would be no need to speak ill of others. Neither would there be any reason to attack another’s character for the sake of winning an argument, proving a point or securing a vote. Empathy and compassion would replace railing and accusation; magnanimity would be preferred over the sniping and bickering which undermines so many relationships.

The world is the way it is now because people have not been willing to admit to themselves that this law is inescapable. They’ve judged and condemned, while failing to see the fact that in judging they will be judged. They break this law with reckless abandon and then wonder why things seem to go from bad to worse.

The solution to so many of our problems in this world is so simple.

4 thoughts on “All things

  1. David R

    Radiant empathy! These words reverberate through the centuries to find a fertile place in the hearts of honest men and women today. Simple to recognize, a lifetime of opportunity to perfect the art of right relatedness.


  2. Joy

    If my every word and act were governed by such a stance in living I would have met my hearts desire. It does take a deliberate remembering in each moment of every day to allow this simple reality to be the foundation of my life. After remembering however there must be deliberate action otherwise all my good intentions don’t mean a thing. Great post Gregg, thank you.


  3. I am finding a pathway into a larger awareness in considering what this golden rule really means. As I consider what I would have others do unto me beyond what would satisfy my temporal soul to that which would satisfy my eternal Soul it sheds a light on what I can really do for others. One being the acknowledgement of the inherent value of each and every person along with encouraging the integrative participation of playing one’s part in increasing the influences of the oneness of love on earth.


  4. Lady Leo

    Judgement is a trap we set for ourselves. The habit seems acquired early in our lives, but whatever it’s origins, it prevents love from being the foundation for our life. We become distorted at our very core, in our hearts. The only way I’ve found to correct myself is through sincere repentance, that first requires deliberate humility to acknowledge it. Judgement is so ingrained in the human condition it is like peeling an onion, layer after layer. I know for me, to end it as my default is one of the main responsibilities I have in this lifetime. It is a prison of our own making but imprisons the Creator on Earth as well.


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