Wonderment II

Wonder is in part related to the absence of judgment and expectation. It is the willingness to view your world in each and every moment through innocent, fresh eyes and with a pure heart.

What is a pure heart?

A pure heart is untainted by past hurts; it is made so by forgiveness. A pure heart is unafraid of the future; it is made so by confidence in the supremacy of love. A pure heart is unrestricted by the present moment; it is made so by an awareness of the meeting of the eternal and the temporal.

In a state of wonder there is no demand, no disappointment. In it is the tranquility which is only known to those who are at peace with what now is. In wonderment there is the wholehearted acceptance of momentary manifestation, a perfect resignation not to failure, but to eternal progress.



4 thoughts on “Wonderment II

  1. Lady Leo

    I love this consideration. The healing of all the ills of mankind begin with addressing the state of our hearts. No amount of education, talent, wealth or even seeming good fortune can fill in what is missing when the heart is not pure. Forgiveness creates the space for the power of love to come in. This is how mountains are moved and ALL things are made new. This is available right now. It’s the most important endeavor in our lives. Exquisite post; I thank you!


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