Wonderment I

One of the many things I’ve learned writing these daily posts over the last few years is that you cannot fake inspiration. You are either inspired and inspiring, or you are not. I’ve also learned that inspiration is very closely linked to the sense of wonder.

Wonderment connects the beauty, inspiration, perfection, joy, and strength within you to the beauty, inspiration, perfection, joy, and strength around you. It is, in fact, the intersection of the two. When you allow yourself to experience childlike wonder, no matter what your age or how limited you may feel, you begin to reawaken to the possibility of lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Look at your world with wider eyes today and feel the wonder!


5 thoughts on “Wonderment I

  1. Dr Steven Ventola

    When something is seen that you may have been exposed to many times before that hits you between the eyes and you get that “holy mackeral” feeling filling you with a sense of wonder it makes you think you were out to lunch for too long or eating at the wrong place. Why couldn’t I have realized this sooner may be a thought that comes along. Many things may relate to this without the need to cast oneself down. Rather to acknowledge the wonderment with a full sense of joy inspiring a greater keenness to keep one’s eyes and ears and heart open to the gifts of wonder at hand.


  2. Coco

    As an adult, wonderment is often an expression of genuine respect; most often for the power, intricacies and tenacity of some aspect of creation. Lasting happiness and fulfillment are part of the legacy when we are related to the creation through our kinship with the creator. We feel the joy of being aware of the on going creative scene and the fulfillment of being a part of it. We see and feel more keenly, as the spirit of appreciation floods our heart and raises our very vibration for access to eternal inspiration. It’s a deliberate choice, often initiated by what we ally the investment of our time and attention to. Thank you for your inspiration this morning!


  3. Isabelle

    I find that nothing kills wonder more than judgement and cynicism. Refuse to take either of these approaches to life and a veil will lift from your eyes revealing the beauty within many things previously unseen.


  4. Carmen

    The beauty and inspiration of Life is always around us, it is only our thoughts about our story, our personal thoughts of our own body’s existence, that blocks us from the wonder that surrounds us. The very busyness of thinking constantly, one thought after another, on and on without stopping hinders any possible perception of magic. The joy of living simply can not get through! Let each of us this day stop long enough to see and feel again. That we may fully experience Presence!


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