Worst Enemy

“He must fall either by the hand of his enemies, or by himself; for he is his own worst enemy.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men, 6th ed., comp. by Samuel Arthur Bent. Boston: Ticknor and Co., 1887

A troubled heart is a human weapon of mass destruction, for it is from this one device that all evils experienced by man on earth spring. Contrary to popular opinion and longstanding human belief, a troubled heart, in the sense of a heart not at rest in the supremacy of love, the inviolability of truth and the perdurable victory of life – is never justified. No set of appalling circumstances, no injustice, no tragedy warrants the relinquishment of this trust.

An tranquil heart, by contrast, is what allows man to live creatively. When your heart is untroubled, you are protected from your enemies by radiance. Once they are neutralized in this manner, the only remaining adversary is you. Conquer yourself by yielding wholeheartedly to the injunction “Let not your heart be troubled” and you will overcome the world.

This, unfortunately, is not an area of function in which you can “fake it ’til you make it.” Your heart is either a sea of glass, like unto crystal or its waters are disturbed. This is not a passive state; it is a state of being that is simultaneously unmoved by the cares of this world and carefully tuned to the pulsations of wisdom which are always at hand.

4 thoughts on “Worst Enemy

  1. Steve V

    I love the psalm verse,”Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. ” Your words bring great peace which opens the door to the treasures of heaven.


  2. Ernest

    This is the part of personal development that is a lifetime project and process. And, though it sounds simple, it is our personal choice in each and every circumstance and situation to make. It can’t be counterfeited – well perhaps on the outside and to the outside world it can be, but certainly we know for ourselves the state of our heart. More importantly, as Lady Leo mentioned, a “higher pay grade” always knows the state of our heart.


  3. Lady Leo

    There is no outward appearance that clothes an untroubled heart. As you’ve said it’s not passive, nor is it shut down or cold. You can’t try to look the part. A radiant heart is the first requirement to actually understand our why. Since man doesn’t have the ability to look in the heart of another, that ability is above our pay grade, we can’t be certain as to what truly is going on in each other. Our own radiant heart actually removes the necessity for judging this; it is radiant because of its inherent design and our compliance to that. This subject never gets old; nor do I feel it’s ever completed. Purifying the heart seems the first order of business for this point in time.


  4. Isabelle

    A key indicator of whether your heart is untroubled is a sense of peace, regardless of what is going on around you or within you. This doesn’t mean that you are unfeeling or ignoring what may be happening. It means that you know that letting your heart become troubled actually makes it impossible for you to experience wisdom.


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