Cast forth

“Cast forth thy act, thy word, into the ever-living, ever-working universe: it is a seed-grain that cannot die; unnoticed to-day, it will be found flourishing as a banyan grove, perhaps, alas, as a hemlock forest, after a thousand years.” – Thomas Carlyle Prose Quotations from Socrates to Macaulay, comp. by S. Austin Allibone. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1880;, 2011.

Like the archer’s arrow, your actions and words sail through time and change the future for that which is in their path. Choose your words and actions carefully. Meditate upon truth day and night. Endeavor to cast forth only the perfect expression with each pull of the bow.

7 thoughts on “Cast forth

  1. Joshua

    What a noble, encouraging, vivacious way of living!
    Were each one to consider and visualize the impact our expression carries, how endless could the meditations be? Never quite knowing, if this could be the arrow that hit’s the mark, changing the world forever! With great care, letting the mark be hit, that together we might steam through the endless possibilities knowing we graced this world with our best!
    My heart leaps for the bow!


  2. Steve V

    I appreciate the meaning of your words for we do have a choice to live a life that hits the mark. Just as an archer needs training in doing so so do we in refining our stance, vision and action. Your blog is essential for hitting our mark in living a worthwhile life!


  3. Ernest

    Too often we are looking for immediate gratification yet when we do meditate and seek truth in all that we do our words and deeds, such as those you have recently been quoting, will become timeless and perhaps make a wonderful difference to people centuries from now. Yet if we persist in only what we can get out of something now it is likely that our actions will not make a positive difference, especially to ourselves.


  4. Lady Leo

    So true. Much of the unhappiness between people is the result of thoughtless interchange. It’s usually not the casual acquaintance that suffers these callous reactive gestures it’s often those we hold dearest or work closest with. I think the adage charity begins at home was suggesting this. Our words and actions, or the lack of them, are part of the material that builds us, our families and the world beyond.


  5. Isabelle

    If we ever really saw the full impact of our actions (thought, word, or deed), I am sure it would be life changing – either through the horror of what we have done or through the power of righteousness.


  6. Carmen

    How very wonderful your writing is today! Thank you so much. What we create is so vastly beyond our present understanding, and it is good to be reminded of this particular truth.


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