Hook, Line and Sinker

“Men create oppositions which are not, and put them into new terms so fixed, as whereas the meaning ought to govern the term, the term in effect governeth the meaning.” – Francis Bacon, Essay III., Of Unity in Religion.

The moment I read this I thought it the perfect description of what has happened with respect to the terms “good” and “evil.” This fabricated opposition is not real. Moreover, it is imprinted in the consciousness of man in terms so fixed that the terms govern the true meaning of the reality they parody.

Good is a presence; evil is an absence. They are not opposites, equally matched and eternally opposed. Good is light and evil the shadow. Evil has no power or substance of its own, in fact, all that it has is siphoned away from good.

Those with evil intentions eventually become aware of this limitation, but with this awareness generally comes the realization that the power of good can be usurped in a variety of ways. The prevailing method is not by wresting it from the stewards of goodness, but through the perpetuation of the fallacy of the opposition of good and evil.

If those in whose hands good is freely given can be convinced that evil is the chief rival of good, they are also likely to swallow the lie that evil must be resisted to be overcome. Resisting evil is the hallmark of those who have fallen – hook, line and sinker – for the fabricated opposition of good and evil.

Good prevails over evil, as far as light prevails over the darkness.

5 thoughts on “Hook, Line and Sinker

  1. Joshua

    Evil intentions have been characterized by outright deeds of evil, however,
    in the Light of Truth, the most deadly are the covert intentions that run the background, reaping internal havoc on those who succumb.
    Like vampires these misguided beliefs usurp the life from their victim.
    Any decision made in the void, or from an absence, will be skewed to feed the void.
    This explains why good intentions pave the road to hell. For a good intention if not squared to the Truth, can easily lead one DOWN a path, destructive to oneself, and others.
    Let us, who see this Truth, do whats necessary to starve the virus, and be done, that we can get on with the greater works!


  2. David R

    This is such a tragically misunderstood area. While we can observe the world consumed with the evidences of evil – destructiveness, the failure of wonderful potential, corruption of innocence, etc. – the fact remains that people are generally doing what they assume to be good, at least for themselves but often in relation to concepts of the greater good.

    Fundamental to this illusion is the compulsion to resist and fight evil as it is conceived to be, which necessitates judgment of good and evil. But judgment was and is the forbidden fruit, and its effect is narcotic – numbing, disorienting, stupefying.

    Consequently, the way back begins with cold turkey – a willingness to eschew judgment so that one may recover from the deadening addiction and begin to see through the complex illusions that have kept the world – the good and the bad – firmly in subjection to evil.


    1. Judging things to be good or bad is stupefying. Giving things just some time without judgment allows for all things to align with the creative cycles hand. So blended actual vision is increased seeing things for what they are and what they are not. Our post consideration today uncovers the veil that has blinded mankind for centuries. It is a seed of magnificent significance.


  3. Isabelle

    By believing in or encouraging others to believe that attitudes such as fear, hate, greed and jealousy are worthwhile, a live’s force is focused on an absence. Love cannot itself be changed, but the wolves of judgement and self-righteousness will block the power of love from shining brightly through you and others.


  4. Lady Leo

    There is only one force, which is described as love. I’m not sure as to how the initial perversion actually occurred to use it for evil but I’ve certainly seen the results of its grasp on humankind. I think the instruction to resist not evil was a clear indication of how to free our own hearts from its grasp when we come in contact with it. Obviously not everyone has gotten the memo or even if they have it may suit their purposes to use evil. What would happen if everyone chose not to resist it; I dare say it would be a turning point for change in everything. The good fight is just another ploy; another guise for resistance.


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