The Uniform Tenor

The uniform tenor of a man’s life furnishes better evidence of what he has said or done on any particular occasion than the word of any enemy.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to De Witt Clinton, Dec. 31, 1803

Wise is the man who judges not on the basis of hearsay, for he creates in his heart the space necessary to gain a higher perspective on all matters in life. Such a man is delivered from the tacky clutch of gossip, the hypnotizing gyrations of scandalmongers and the schismatic coercion of those whose hearts are set on guile and evasive craft.

When considering those in your world, take the long view. Resist the temptation to form snap judgments or to join in mindlessly with the prejudices and opinions of others. Take note of the “uniform tenor of a man’s life” and begin carefully, magnanimously, but with eyes wide open, from there.

“Judge not according to the appearance” as it was once said, “but judge righteous judgment.”

8 thoughts on “The Uniform Tenor

  1. Colin

    Taking this stance towards judgement is something that is a prerequisite for fostering wisdom in life. If you have a habit of judging based on some little thing, or even a real or perceived slight, all you are doing is closing the door on another of life’s possibilities. Close to many, and you end up living in a very small world.


  2. Joshua

    How hilarious it is, watching those who would seek to do harm with such safe-guarded wisdom. As they self-righteously take up the sword of Truth in hand only to find that in their possession it’s more a “limp noodle”. They think themselves wise, and just. So wise that they lack the ability to see that they’re gorging on the stupefying forbidden fruit.
    So self-righteous, that they place themselves above God.
    “No, no, God, I got this” ….REALLY ?!?

    How wonderful it is to trust this process, and it is a process. I am ever-reminded today of the age-old saying “Ruthless with ourselves and gracious with others.” That is where forgiveness is found, for how can you go through the trials and tribulations and not come out with a kind supple heart, for those currently going through, or who have aren’t even at the gate yet?


  3. Steve V

    Creating the space in one’s heart to remain oriented to one’s higher nature is the key to contributing the nature of God on earth. It does take some deliberate time and discipline to do so. Providing such space in one’s living is vital for our well being and the well being of the whole we are responsible for.


  4. Lady Leo

    My grandmother used to say when sizing up another person; believe none of what you hear and half of what you see! That will certainly leave enough space for the view from the high road, should that be where your inclination takes you.


  5. Beth C

    We are imprisoned more by the judgments we make than by those made about us. It is “the space in the heart” that makes all the difference.


  6. Troy

    I try very hard to live my life by this statement as once you have been the victim of slanderous attack based fully on malicious intent, it heightens your senses relative to this unfortunate poison that targets people regularly. This can be through social media, news outlets or “through the grapevine.”

    “Judge righteous judgment’ is a statement that can change the world and as I and others take an honest inventory of our hearts, we can weed out the tendencies and habits that would have us join in and make snap decisions. The quality of a mans character is viewed best through a pure heart. Wisdom for all. Thanks.


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