A Tranquil Life

Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly.” – Thomas Jefferson

The key to living a tranquil life is found in maintaining a perfect willingness to undertake that which must be done to remain true to the truth. When willingness is measured according to this one dictate, the unnatural and unrelenting tensions which bind the heart of a man yield to the flowing, rhythmic currents of life.

8 thoughts on “A Tranquil Life

  1. Steve V

    I love the mentioning of doing something willingly removes the troublesome about it. In currently facing some seemingly troublesome times these words are perfectly timed. I am very grateful for your words they have been vital to stay true to the truth.


  2. Colin

    Through all the chaos that occurs in the world, this is really something that you can always look to, regardless of changing circumstance. It allows a foundation that you can build a life on, a life that is free of fear.


  3. Lady Leo

    Willingness can be mixed with a feelings of inadequacy but those too give way as the entrainment of the heart becomes in sync with the rhythm of life. Time and again I’ve had this experience; just keep moving forward and the puzzle comes together in its’ time.


  4. Beth C

    The way we initiate any project or task will greatly influence its outcome and value. Having to first overcome our own reluctance or inertia will drain the energy and spoil the timing needed for success .


  5. David R

    That is such a vital truth! Doing the right thing allows for peace, while selfish motivations, no matter how well rationalized, never bring peace. It is the sense of peace that reveals alignment with all power and righteousness.


  6. Joy

    Remaining true to the Truth is not a duty bound thing, it is rather the hearts delight, it is, (once it is known), an irresistible force, much like the pull of a magnetic field that draws one to function from that high place that you so consistently call us to Gregg. Thank you!


  7. Isabelle

    This is so true. I’ve found that even when there is chaos round about, if I remain true to the truth, there can still be a calm within crazy.


  8. Troy

    Such willingness should be welcomed by all. Simply yielding to the truth is a conscious act that places one directly into the current of life. Who would not want to release the tensions created by the unwillingness to simply let go to? I know for myself, the drain of this tension is a sure sign that somewhere in my experience I am unwilling to yield. We are meant to live radiant and glorious lives, as we read your simple reminders it seems human being actually tend to work very hard to Not live as we were designed. My hope is that I and many others will begin to see and reveal the ease of living a life of purpose.


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