The Problem

The problems you face are rarely the problem. The greater problem, if you are not careful, is not the problem itself, but your approach to dealing with the problem. If you approach the problem correctly, that is, in the right spirit, with the right perspective and using the correct tools, more often than not the problem resolves quickly and with an optimal expenditure of effort.

9 thoughts on “The Problem

  1. Colin

    This is so true. It is amazing how approach can affect resolution, whether by changing your opposition to your support, or by opening your eyes to different possibilities. If you approach a problem with your head down, unwilling to look for resources or unwilling to change your view, you’re going to have a bad time.


  2. Steve V

    How we approach and handle the problems we face are opportunities for the reality of our beings to shine forth into the world. No problem is ever larger or even approaches the depth and breath of who we truly are. As we keep this large perspective we can see all things with a smile in giving thanks for the opportunity at hand for the expression of the divine to find its way through us into the world.


  3. David R

    The ability to resolve problems effectively is a highly prized attribute, and one can see that such ability stems to a good degree from either not being or not complicating the initial problem through one’s own reactions, impatience, prejudices, egotism, etc. Equanimity, perspective and a genuine concern for the whole allow for an axis around which solutions may appear, often in the most unexpected ways.


  4. Beth C

    Yes, we can easily notice how others may complicate their problems with habits ranging from unnecessary drama to inevitable inertia. Honest examination would probably reveal my own peculiar tendencies. As usual, your post suggests a good starting point for valuable self-examination.


  5. Ernest

    Actually approached in the right way so-called problems often turn into wonderful opportunities. Oftentimes what will seem like a problem in our initial feelings or thoughts when seen through in a steady and generative manner will open up things in ones perspective and experience that they never thought possible. It is amazing what we are capable of when we get out of our own way and allow ourselves to dig deeper into our resources.


  6. Isabelle

    I have certainly found this to be true in my life! Without a clear, objective perspective, what seems like a problem can blow up into a huge problem. When you put your efforts into creative solutions without huge drama, your vision will expand to see options that you had not seen before.


  7. Coco

    The secret problem solver is the Divine. Letting the power of love have unfettered access to our lives changes everything. Often, the most significant change is our own perspective on the problem. Compassion, forgiveness and wisdom unleash the Omnipotent’s creative assistance. Ground zero for this change is the heart.


  8. Troy

    I and I am sure most of your readers have seen this post play out just as you have mentioned. Unfortunately, this experience is infrequent and for some a rare occurrence, as we often default to habits formed over the years and become reactive and lose perspective quickly. I know for myself this post is “golden”, as everyday their are a myriad of “problems” or challenges I face either with raising children or running my business. This post is a wonderful reminder to remain alert to maintaining the right spirit so that the tools along with proper perspective can become immediately available. The energy conserved here could go to much better use ! Thanks.


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