Illimitable Freedom of the Human Mind

The illimitable freedom of the human mind has proven over time to be a double-edged sword. When counterpoised by purity of heart, this freedom emancipates man from the strictures of human nature and liberates his finest creative impulses. When backed by a troubled heart, however, this freedom opens the door the worst atrocities man has known.

10 thoughts on “Illimitable Freedom of the Human Mind

  1. Joshua

    Knowing this, puts the pressure where it needs to be, which should rightly compel us to heights previously unknown. Our minds are the key to opening the way through which who we are might be expressed, first invisibly then visibly.
    What we choose to give mental weight to, in a world full of distractions, possesses either dissipative properties, when wrongly used, or generative properties when rightly commanded. The choice is clear.
    Let thy minds eye be single, and thou shalt surely see God.


  2. Colin

    A pure heart brings even the most different people together, while a troubled heart pushes us apart until we see ourselves as a lone entity, connected to no one. No matter what you feel, the contents of your heart constantly propogate out into the people you interact with. Knowing this, how could anyone let their heart engender anything but love?


  3. Steve V

    Good to consider what purity of heart means. Part of this I am seeing relates to opening up to an inherent commission to so fulfill one’s life by living devoted to increasing the influences of the true nature of God on earth. Living a life that contributes integration, beauty, life givingness, elation, and evermore such qualities brings freedom and happiness.


  4. Carol

    When you meditate on what is right with a situation or problem you’re facing, it sets the stage for a positive and creative outcome. It opens your consciousness to the possibilities and to taking the high road in your approach. I’ve also found the opposite whenever I’ve focused on what I think is wrong and meditate on that. Everything shuts down – the creative, uplifting thoughts do not appear, the heart is troubled and not at rest. This is so easy to prove out by just examining tough situations that you had to handle. What occupied your mind and heart and what were the outcomes?


  5. Isabelle

    If we stop to think about it, we will realize that any good that we have created or any evil has been a result of the purity of our own heart, which feeds the mind.

    A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. ~ Wayne Dyer


  6. Beth C

    So true. Thoughts are conceived and gestate in the heart. Freedom of mind is naturally limited by that to which the heart is enthralled. But who stops to consider purity of heart as central to freedom?


  7. Lady Leo

    It does all begin with the content of our heart. Any positive changes we wish to make in ourselves begins there. It is the place where defilement or creation begins. The beauty and power of it is that most everyone has a conscious choice of what we will let fill our heart. It is the fulcrum for freedom.


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