Truth of the Matter

I’d like to clear up a common misconception about truth. There are no ugly truths. The truth is always beautiful and beautifying. People occasionally mistake facts for the truth, but truth is not temporal or fleeting. Truth is eternal and absolute. There may be ugly facts or grim circumstances, but the truth of the matter is that these are temporary states, circumstances which give evidence of the absence of truth, not its presence.


4 thoughts on “Truth of the Matter

  1. Joy

    What comfort their is in your words Gregg. Despite ugly facts or difficult circumstances the truth is always, always at hand, but it is the trajectory of the heart that allows one to access it. Thank you, thank you for shining your light on the truth in such a profound way.


  2. Lady Leo

    This is a critical point. Yielding to the truth and allowing your heart to resonate with it is the point where the mind and body are influenced and permeated by it. Beginning with what truth is known, appreciation, thankfulness, not judging; this presents a starting point for deliberate change. We do live with what facts present themselves in our lives but we have the choice as to what motivates the emanations of our heart.


    1. Steve V

      Beautifully said Lady Leo. The emanations of our hearts can be resonant with true beauty or the absence of it according to our choice. The experience of life that comes when we are so aligned is wonderful beyond measure. In each moment we can be so gifted.


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